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Roger Eno_The Flatlands_1000

The Flatlands – Buy Here

One of the most special things about Roger Eno’s compositions is their timeless quality. ‘The Flatlands’, was originally released by All Saints Records in 1998, and illustrates this perfectly, a dizzy concoction of chamber music experimentation, drifting piano and wistful waves of strings that seem to evoke times gone by. ‘Palimpsest’ is a quavering mix of delicate strings and sparse piano, while ‘Mr Johnson Watches The Sky’ evokes all the wonder and mystery you might expect from such a title.

Roger Eno_Between Tides_1000

Between Tides – Buy Here

Eno’s third album ‘Between Tides’, initially out in 1988 is one of his most accomplished. Opening with the cinematic strings of ‘Dust At Dawn (The Last Cowboy)’, it’s an album that retains this wide-screen feel throughout, taking inspiration from folk, chamber music and modern classical composition to make an album of effortless grace.

Roger Eno_Swimming_1000

Swimming – Buy Here

‘Swimming’, first released in 1996, shows Eno’s skill and range as a musician and multi-instrumentalist. Soft and caressing folk on ‘The Whole Wide World’, gracefully plucked guitar on ‘In Water’ and heart-melting piano and swooning strings on the title track. It’s pop music at its most celestial and elegant.

Roger Eno_Lost In Translation_1000

Lost in Translation – Buy Here

First released in 1995 and now reissued by All Saints Records, ‘Lost In Translation’ is another stunning album from Roger Eno. ‘Ne Cede Mella’ is archaic in feel, but still a beautifull piece of vocal work underpinned by contrasting strings, piano and the buzz of electronics. ‘Mariachi Funeral’ is playful, taking the music of the title and turning it into something peculiarly enigmatic while ‘The Green Grass’ carries on that same, lilting, processional tone.


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