Roger Eno

roger eno bw

A natural multi-instrumentalist, Roger is fascinated by sound, stories and landscapes: the legacy of his unique upbringing with a Flemish mother; formative years with a celebrated brother; and also by the nature of the Suffolk countryside he was born into.

In 1983, his brother Brian invited him to take part in a collaborative project which also included Daniel Lanois. The recording took place in a fabulous old industrial town in Canada. The album Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks was born. This album would accompany a multi-award winning Al Reinert film called ʻFor All Mankindʼ. This other-worldly experience in 1983 was also Rogerʼs first professional recording. 

Roger was signed to EG Records and produced two albums, Voices and Between Tides, reinforcing comparisons made with Satie and Debussy, but defying further categorisation. This continues through solo forays into uncharted territory and interesting collaborations. Among the collaborations he has enjoyed are The Appointed Hour with Peter Hammill, Damage with Lol Hammond and 2004ʼs exquisite and other-worldly Opening Doors album with Remote partner Miro. He has also guested on albums including those by Tim BownessNo-Man and Laraaji.

Roger’s powerful and versatile body of work easily lends itself to TV, theatre and film (Danny Boyle’s ‘Trainspotting’ and ‘Mr Wroe’s Virgins’ – for which Roger was BAFTA nominated, Dario Argento’s ‘Opera’ and Trevor Nunn’s NT production of Betrayal).

His installations can be experienced in public spaces each year and he continues to tour and play live sets both as a solo artist and as an arch-collaborator.


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