Celestial Music – 1978-2011

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Celestial Music (1978-2011) is the first ever career-spanning collection of the legendary electronic mystic. A compilation in two halves, the first half features a number of rarities from private press cassette releases, many heard widely here for the first time and presented as exclusive edits from long-form jams.  The second half covers highlights from Laraaji’s commercially distributed releases, including classic collaborations with Brian Eno, Bill Laswell and Blues Control. Expect hypnotic ragas, cosmic synth bliss and far-out sonic explorations. Available as a double CD or triple vinyl package – both formats include photos, memorabilia and full sleevenotes that tell Laraaji’s fascinating life story in his own words.




Cosmic Tape Experiments

1. Lotus Collage (1979)

2. Unicorns In Paradise (1981)

3. I Am Ocean (1981)

4. Rhythm’n’Bliss (1982)

5. Vision Song Suite (1984)

6. Sun Zither (1984)

7. I Am Sky (1985)

8. Sol (1987)

9. Eternity Or Bust (1987)

Music Of The Spheres

1. All Pervading – excerpt (1978)

2. The Dance No.3 (1980)

3. Quiet Space Pt.2 (1986) with Lyghte

4. Kalimba (1988)

5. Space Choir (1992)

6. Laraajingle (1995) with Audio Active

7. Airbass (1998) with Bill Laswell

8. Moon Shadows (2001)

9. Staccato (2008)

10. As Light (2008)

11. Astral Jam (2011) with Blues Control


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