Psychogeography Live 2015

St Johns Flyer

Jon Hassell with ensemble, Fennesz & Moon Zero @ St John Church at Hackney, London, in partnership with Denovali Festival.

Saturday 23rd May 2015

St John Sessions are proud to present the second instalment of their 2015 programme- as they join forces with Denovali Festival London to bring ambient/ fourth world legend Jon Hassell and his ensemble to the alter for a rare performance of his landmark live work ‘Psychogeography’. Under the festival banner Jon is in extremely good company, and it is an honour to welcome back Fennesz to St John at Hackney- following on from his performance at the very first St John Session in June 2013. Denovali’s very own Greg Haines and Moon Zero complete the extended billing and extended length of the traditional St John Sessions format, ensuring a unique and diverse evening of music.

Jon Hassell

Jon Hassell, has been reconciling the disparate, and terraforming culture into new shapes and musics since the early 70s, under the banner of what he coined ‘Fourth World’ music- a blend which is as cerebral as it is corporeal, and extrapolated in vision through the copulation of different technologies. With two of his seminal works brought back to the fore last year- with reissues of his Eno collaboration’Possible Musics: Vol. 1′ and ensemble work ‘City: Works of Fiction’, Jon returns to London to present ‘Psychogeography’- the latest incarnation of a work that has it’s roots in the ‘City’ LP and the legendary concerts at the World Trade Centre atrium that followed. A rare performance of this piece in the atmospheric confines of St John at Hackney church is the next step in it’s legacy.

Brian Eno on ‘The Hassell Influence:

“Almost all of the musicians I meet at the moment seem to regard Jon Hassell as one of the God-like geniuses of contemporary music.” (David Toop – The Wire)

Fri 22 May – Copenhagen Public Library / Talk
Fri 22 May – Copenhagen Jazzhouse / Psychogeo
Sat 23 May – London St. Johns Session / Psychogeo
Sat 30 May – Hamburg Elbjazz / Psychogeo


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