City – Works Of Fiction

WAST008_JON HASSELL_CITY_COVER_1400x1400_nosticker

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Combining his trademark brand of Fourth World fusion with new influences from the emerging hip-
hop scene, this 1990 album is a landmark release in Jon Hassell’s career to date. Futuristic sci-fi funk
with a completely melted production aesthetic – instruments and samples blur into one another in
the manner of the best dub records. Presented here in a deluxe triple disc edition alongside a 1989
concert performance of the City group, mixed live by Brian Eno, and a carefully edited sequence of
alternate takes, demos and re-interpretations by current electronic producers that presents a
parallel dimension version of the original release. The vinyl edition features the original album re-cut
as a double album for extra wide grooves and improved bass response (the original issue had an
hour of music squeezed onto a single piece of vinyl) and a download card with access to the audio
content of all 3 discs




Original Fictions

1 Voiceprint (Blind From The Facts)
2 Pagan
3 Mombasa
4 Tikal
5 In The City Of Red Dust
6 Rain
7 Ba-Ya D
8 Warriors
9 Out Of Adedara



Live at Wintergarden 17 September 1989

1 Ituri
2 Alchemistry
3 Adedara Rising
4 Mashujaa
5 Paradise Now
6 Nightsky



Zones Of Feeling

1 Aerial View
2 Neon Night (Rain)
3 Red Rose Empire – Bass Clef
4 Streetfaxx
5 City Spot
6 Brigantes – 808 State
7 Cityism Superdub
8 Elsewhere Is A Negative Mirror – Some Truths
9 Harambe
10 Ba-Ya Dub – No UFOs
11 Freeway
12 Cuba Libre
13 Metal Fatigue – patten
14 Midnight
15 Waterfront District
16 Favela
17 Emerald City
18 Cloud-Shaped Time


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