Wind in Lonely Fences


Released November 25th. Order at Amazon, Burning Shed or Bleep 

Emerging from the 60s US avant-garde and originally influenced by the likes of John Cage and Morton Feldman, Harold Budd rebelled against the heavily conceptual works of his peers to explore his own artistic path of “existential prettiness”. This two disc set is the first ever career-spanning collection of his music, featuring tracks from classic albums such as Plateaux Of Mirror, The Pearl and Lovely Thunder, alongside collaborations with Brian Eno, Cocteau Twins and John Foxx. 2CD digipak with 16 page booklet. Sleevenotes by Mark Prendergast, author of The Ambient Century.


“I was handed this tape by Gavin Bryars [in the mid-Seventies]; it struck something very personal in me. It was music that could seduce; if there’s only a conceptual underpinning and no seduction, that doesn’t make it for me. He came with this ability for making lovely minimalist music, and I was developing new techniques for making piano sounds at the point when recording studios had started to do these things well.” – Brian Eno

“I went to see him play in Manchester. I thought he was probably very precious and difficult to work with. He wasn’t. I immediately liked him. We went out for dinner and ate loudly and messily. Then I saw him play and I was mesmerised. There’s motivation in every note.” – Jah Wobble

“What he does is he just swims very gently against the tide all the time. He’s been doing it all his career. I think that is what he set out to do a long time ago. When you meet him you realise he’s got steel in his soul.” – John Foxx



1 The Oak Of The Golden Dreams (1970)

2 Bismillahi ‘Rrahman ‘Rrahim (1978) with Marion Brown & Gavin Bryars

3 Wind In Lonely Fences (1980) with Brian Eno

4 Wanderer (1981)

5 Dark Star (1984)

6 The Pearl (1984) with Brian Eno & Daniel Lanois


1 Ooze Out And Away, Onehow (1986) with Cocteau Twins

2 Ice Floes In Eden (1986)

3 Algebra Of Darkness (1988)

4 A Child In A Sylvan Field (1991)

5 The Messenger (1992) with Ruben Garcia & Daniel Lentz

6 Hand 20 (1994) with Andy Partridge

7 She’s By The Window (1994) with Zeitgeist

8 Nove Alberi (1996)

9 Adult (2003) with John Foxx

10 Arabesque 2 (2004)

11 How Distant Your Heart (2007) with Robin Guthrie

12 Mars And The Artist (2011)


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