The Buddbox

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Released November 25th. Order from Bleep, Amazon or Burning Shed

A collection showcasing seven albums of Harold Budd that are both rare and critically acclaimed. The 1981 ambient treasure ‘The Serpent (In Quicksilver)’ originally released on Cantil Records is contained within as well as the collaborative effort ‘Through The Hill’ produced with Andy Partridge.

Also within is a 76-page booklet containing rare interviews and essays about Budd’s work, which acts as a perfect accompaniment to this illustrious musician’s collection.

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Full collection:

The Serpent (In Quicksilver) (1981),

Abandoned Cities (1984),

The White Arcades (1987),

By The Dawn’s Early Light (1991),

Music For 3 Pianos (1992),

Through The Hill (1994 – with Andy Partridge of XTC)

Luxa (1996).

76 page book compiling interviews and essays about Harold’s work from writers such as David Toop, Mark Prendergast and Mike Barnes.


CD1: The Serpent (In Quicksilver)



Rub With Ashes

Children On The Hill

Widows Charm

The Serpent (In Quicksilver)

CD2: Abandoned Cities

Dark Star

Abandoned Cities

CD3: The White Arcades

The White Arcades

Balthus Bemused By Color

The Child With A Lion

The Real Dream Of Sails

Algebra Of Darkness

Totems Of The Red-Sleeved Warrior

The Room


The Kiss

CD4: By The Dawn’s Early Light

Poem: Aztec Hotel

Boy About 10


Dead Horse Alive With Flies

The Photo Of Santiago McKinn

The Corpse At The Shooting Gallery

Albion Farewell (homage to Delius, for Gavin Bryars)

Poem: Distant Lights Of Olancha Recede

Down The Slopes To The Meadow

She Dances By The Light Of The Silvery Moon

Blind Bird

Saint’s Name Spoken

The Place Of Dead Roads

A Child In A Sylvan Field


Boy About 10


No Name


CD5: Music For 3 Pianos (with Ruben Garcia & Daniel Lentz)

Pulse Pause Repeat

La Muchacha De Los Sueños Dorados


Somos Tres

The Messenger

La Casa Bruja

CD6: Through The Hill (with Andy Partridge)

Hand 19

Through The Hill

Great Valley Of Gongs

Western Island Of Apples

Anima Mundi

Hand 20

The Place Of Odd Glances

Well For The Sweat Of The Moon

Tenochititlan’s Numberless Bridges

Ceramic Avenue

Hand 21

Missing Pieces Of The Game Of Salt And Onyx

Mantles Of Peacock Bones

Bronze Coins Showing Genitals

Bearded Aphrodite

Hand 22



CD7: Luxa

Niki D.

A Sidelong Glance From My Round Nefertiti

Agnes Martin

Anish Kapoor

Paul McCarthy

Serge Poliakoff



How Dark The Response To Our Slipping Away

Nove Alberi





Marion Brown (Sweet Earth Flying)

Steven Brown (Pleasure)

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