Harold Budd

Opal 1

Harold Budd is a composer, poet and pianist, born in Los Angeles. His music stretches accross drone, ambient, classical and jazz to create works of unmatched dexterity. Budd emerged from the 60s school of avant-garde musical composition in the United States. Originally influenced by the likes of John Cage and Morton Feldman, he rebelled against the heavily conceptual works of his peers to explore his own path of “existential prettiness”. His extensive career has included collaborations with Andy Partridge, Brian Eno, Robin Guthrie and many more. Known for developing soft peddle – a unique style of piano playing, his extensive catalogue is one that requires time as well as attention.

All Saints are re-issuing several of his albums on vinyl as well as releasing the Buddbox – a 7CD collection of some of Harold Budd’s finest and rarest works – and Wind in Lonely Fences: the first ever career-spanning compilation of Budd’s work.




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